Best Ways to Treat Varicose Veins

The Secret Vein Clinic Varicose veins are unattractive enlarged veins which can show on your feet and legs. When there is a problem with the blood flow in the veins, it causes them to enlarge like this. People who are obese, pregnant, menopausal, or over 50 years old are the most likely to develop varicose veins. Although these veins do not pose any risk to your health, they are cosmetically displeasing to the naked eye. For this reason, a lot of people feel embarrassed and depressed when these veins show on them.

Varicose vein treatments are available to fix this problem. Back in the old days, doctors used to perform a highly invasive procedure called “vein stripping.” The recovery time from this procedure was quite extensive and it rarely ever fixed a patient’s varicose vein problem. If it did fix the problem, it was only temporary because the enlarged veins would show up again. Fortunately, patients have more options for their varicose vein treatments than ever before.

Below are the top 3 treatments explained:

1) Endovenous Laser Treatment

This treatment involves a combination of a laser and ultrasound scan. The doctor will first insert a catheter into your vein. Then a tiny laser is placed into the tube of the catheter so that it can reach the vein in your leg. An ultrasound scan is performed to assist the doctor in placing the laser in your vein through the catheter. The laser works to heat your vein and seal it from top to bottom. A local anesthetic will be administered to the patient to numb the pain.

Sclerotherapy2) Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a rather simple varicose vein treatment. The doctor simply injects a specific chemical into your varicose veins. Over the next couple of weeks, the chemical works to close the veins until they fade completely. There will usually be a scar left behind for a short while. Some patients might need multiple injections over the course of these weeks.

3) Radiofrequency Ablation

This is like the endovenous laser treatment because it heats up the varicose vein in a similar way. The only difference is that radiofrequency energy is used instead of a laser. First, the doctor will place a catheter into the vein, starting near your knee area. An ultrasound scan will assist them in locating the vein throughout this procedure. Through the catheter, the doctor places a special probe that can produce radiofrequency energy. Once the probe reaches the vein, this energy is released. The vein is heated until it collapses and seals. It is better to do this on larger varicose veins after the other two have failed.

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